Sunday, September 12, 2010

Use cruise control whenever possible (Day 54)

Our Honda Civic is a great little car.  Fuel efficient, handles well, and has lots of trunk space.

Our minivan, however, is not exactly fuel-efficient.  It has a V6 engine, and seats 7 comfortably.  It handles like a tank.  It is also the vehicle I drive the most, since DH has to commute to work by car.

According to the Eco Driver website (,  "about 13% of Canada's carbon dioxide emissions are due to cars and light trucks on our roads. The average car emits one tonne of carbon dioxide every 5,000 kilometres and for those of us who drive, about half our personal greenhouse gas emissions come from driving......Reducing fuel consumption by just ten tanks a year can save you hundreds of dollars, and reduce your personal CO2 emissions by almost a tonne."

By maintaining a steady speed using cruise control, I can be 10-15% more fuel efficient.  So I plan to use the cruise feature on the van whenever possible.

Note to my readers:  NEVER use cruise control when driving in the rain or on wet roads.  The vehicle can hydroplane, potentially causing a serious accident.

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