Monday, September 20, 2010

Carpool whenever possible (Day 60)

My children lead very busy and happy lives.  DD1 is involved in martial arts and Brownies.  DS attends Beavers.  DD2 is starting nursery school.  These activities, combined with regular school programming, results in very busy lives after hours.  I attend several planning meetings a month, plus the regular weekly meetings for the Scouting/Guiding program.  The martial arts program runs three times per week.  DD1 has also decided she would like to start track and field, which is a before-school program.

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to be spending an awful lot of time on the road.   So I am going to seek out like-minded parents in my neighbourhood to see if they would like to share the driving commitments.   Two girls in our subdivision attend DD1s Brownie troop, so I am going to ask the mums if they would like to share the driving.  One of Brownies has a little brother that will be in the same Beaver unit as DS.  So I will ask that mum to share driving to that activity.  I haven't found anyone yet attending the martial arts program, but I am going to keep looking.  As for the nursery school meetings, I am hopeful that I can share a ride with one of the staff who lives in the subdivision across the street from ours.  DH is going to drop DD1 at the school for track and field, on his way to work.

I am hopeful that this new plan will free up more of my time and let me put my feet up once in a while.

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