Before the blog began.....

The premise of this blog is to see if I can make my family any "greener" than it actually is.  Here is my list of environmentally-friendly things that my family was doing BEFORE I started this blog (based on Vanessa's original list).

1. Using recycled, unbleached paper towels
2. Turning down my thermostat
3. Checking tire pressure on my car
4. Using to non-toxic, phosphate-free dishwasher detergent
5. Using tote bags
6. Using to recycled toilet paper
7. Using natural glass and surface cleaner (vinegar & water)
8. Signing up with my local Freecycle Network
9. Making sure all the lights are turned off before I leave home
10. Using a thermos for coffee and tea
11. No gift wrap (we use re-usable gift bags)
12. Drinking fair-trade, organic coffee
13. Returning my wine bottles to the Beer Store so they’re recycled properly
14. Using a phosphate-free, biodegradable laundry detergent
15. Being conscientious about how much water I use; only turning on the taps at a “trickle” when washing hands or brushing teeth
16. Properly disposing of my used batteries at a local hazardous waste depot
17. Using biodegradable dish detergent
18. Consuming locally grown, produced and cellared wine (from within Ontario) - about 90% of our consumption is from Ontario
19. Using “green” baking soda, incorporating it into household cleaning in place of harsher chemicals like bleach
20. Only filling my kettle with the exact amount of water needed
21. Using an eco-friendly dry cleaners
22. Using a PVC-free shower curtain liner
23. Recycling anything and everything that can be recycled — no excuses
24. Using a natural bar soap and a recyclable travelling case for it
25. Using bar soap instead of face wash and makeup remover
26. Only watering my plants with grey water
27. Picking weeds by hand rather than with pesticide
28. Limiting my use of elevators
29. Using cloths instead of paper towels for household cleaning
30. No plastic barf bags or packages of Gravol when hungover
31. Natural healing of sunburns (we use aloe vera)
32. Buying cereal in bulk
33. Limiting my ironing time/heat
34. Composting
35. Using an all-natural kitchen/bathroom cleaner
36. Developing my photos in bigger batches
37. Fixing something if it’s broken rather than getting a new one, if possible
38. Using a natural toilet bowl cleaner
39. Not smoking
40. Enforcing the shoes-off-at-the-door policy
41. Not using dryer sheets
42. Not using lint rollers
43. Not using cat litter (we don't own a cat)
44. Not using a portable humidifier
45. Not using petroleum-based bath poufs and loufas
46. Not using makeup remover pads
47. Not using a bronzer
48. Not using acne ointment
49. No cat food
50. Not using hair dye
51. Not using a hair-straightening iron
52. Not reading tabloids or trashy magazines
53. We don't recreational drive/boat/etc
54. Not using cat litter tray liners
55. Not smoking
56. Washing all clothes in cold water
57. No cat treats
58. Printing on both sides of the page
59. Not using Wite-Out
60. Buying all my spices in bulk (if I can)
61. Using low-flush toilets
62. Using low-flow shower heads
63. Donating clothes to Goodwill and other thrift stores
64. Getting indoor plants
65. Not wearing perfume
66. Only getting hand massages
67. Declining kits or other handouts at meetings to save paper
68. Happily married, so no need for dating
69. Using cloth napkins
70. Preserving jams
71. Using revolving doors wherever possible
72. No cat grooming
73. Wearing items of clothing twice or more, as long as they’re not dirty or smelly
74. Not needing the birth control pill
75. Using bath towels a minimum of five times before washing them
76. Not using artificial room fresheners
77. I have no need for chalkboards, whiteboards or flip charts
78. Watering my outdoor plants at night or early AM instead of during the day (I do this about 80% of the time)
79. Not using synthetic eye drops
80. Sticking to designated paths while hiking
81. Towelling off in the shower before stepping onto the bathmat
82. Buying wooden hangers
83. Pulling the shower curtain open when finished so it dries properly and requires less cleaning
84. Turning down the temperature on my water heater
85. Making sure I don’t pour grease down the drain
86. Borrowing and sharing
87. Soaking my dishes overnight so less water is needed to clean the tough stuff off
88. Letting my clothes air-dry on a rod, not in the dryer (note: kids' clothes and our undergarments still go in the dryer)
89. Not taking supplements, vitamins, detox shakes, etc.
90. Using scouring pads made from stainless steel
91. Making sure to use every last bit of shampoo/ketchup/etc in the bottle, using the “hit and swish” technique with some water
92. Going by the 5-second rule whenever I drop food on the floor
93. Sharing my living space with a roommate (my family!) whenever possible
94. Setting my desktop wallpaper to black, which uses less energy
95. Chopping food up small before putting it in the food processor
96. Not using Post-It notes; scrap paper instead
97. Emptying lint traps, cleaning filters on a regular basis
98. Not needing condoms
99. Not using cheap umbrellas; using a sturdy big one and sharing it whenever possible
100. Drinking herbal tea instead of prescription drugs when stressed
101. Enforced quiet time (no radio, stereo or other music)
102. Using T-shirts for rags
103. Not bothering with any rubber charity wristbands or ribbon campaigns
104. Not using fruit and veggie wash or rinsing things for more than a second
105. Polishing silverware with baking soda, boiling water and aluminum foil
106. Having a regular “inside day”, staying at home and not buying anything
107. We don't downhill ski
108. Using organic honey
109. Using up my change at the cash register
110. Using scrap paper as bookmarks instead of buying new ones
111. Going to the bathroom before I go on a plane
112. Not planning on selling our house
113. Not needing used boxes to move
114. Not needing a green moving party
115. Not needing to learn shorthand, as I don't take many notes
116. Not sending sweaters to the dry cleaners
117. Planning out my routes, double-checking maps and directions to avoid getting lost on road trips (and thus preventing excess CO2 being emitted by the car)
118. I hardly ever wear makeup
119. Using real, leftover wood for fires instead of artificial fire logs
120. Not running lots of applications on my computer at once
121. Closing my curtains at night to insulate the house
122. Not using furniture polish
123. Currently we don't have an option to sign up for the Peak Saver program
124. Purifying my indoor air by opening windows
125. I don't write poetry
126. Recycling my old running shoes
127. Deleting all spam and stale emails from my inbox
128. Recycle old eyeglasses
129. Driving our fuel efficient car whenever possible
130. Growing some our own produce
131. Donating unwanted household items to charity