Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Start using a web-based calendar (Change 136)

In an effort to reduce my paper consumption, I've started to use a web-based calendar for our household scheduling.   It's great for several reasons.  1) It reduces my paper consumption (no more paper calendars).  2)  I can access it from anywhere, using either my smart phone, a computer or a tablet.  3) No more phone calls from DH wondering  what's going on at night, and confirming what time he needs to be home.  He can check for himself from work.  4) I can colour-code events, so I can quickly see who has what when.

I'm still using my paper calendar for 2012, but am gradually transitioning it out.  I find that as I add things to the web calendar, I keep forgetting to add to the paper one.  I'm no longer 100% certain the paper one is accurate, and am always cross-referencing with the web-based one.  As I more forward into 2013 and beyond, and become more comfortable with using the web calendar, I think I'll be able to wave goodbye to paper scheduling.