The "Greener" Me....

Here is the list of the changes I have made since I have started blogging:

1. Switch to paperless billing
2. Environmentally-friendly ant killer
3. Eliminate bottle water
4. Place jug of water in fridge
5. Buy recycled lined paper
6. Eliminate junk mail using "Red Dot" campaign
7. Unplug electronics when not in use
8. Buy environmentally and body friendly face moisturizer
9. No more hot showers
10. Turn off light while showering
11. Take navy showers
12. Eliminate hair dryer
13. No more disposable coffee cups
14. Preserve foods, preferably local and organic
15. Eliminate baths for kids; have showers instead
16. Use only one glass per day for juice/coffee/wine
17. Use GoodSearch for internet
18. Eliminate the use of CFCs
19. Buy environmentally and body friendly deodorant
20. No more book purchases - use library instead
21. No more plastic takeout containers
22. Add a green tip to email signature
23. Spend time everyday researching green issues
24. Environmentally friendly groundhog removal
25. Only buy ethically farmed/fished seafood
26. Get rid of plastic everyday cutlery
27. Carbon off-set all vacation travel
28. Use recycled furniture (from someone else)
29. Return neighbour's beer and wine bottles to store
30. Make my own hand soap
31. Install a front door screen
32. Use no VOC primer when painting
33. Consume and purchase only fair trade chocolate
34. Use handkerchiefs at home
35. Use vinegar/water to clean eyeglasses
36. Get rid of all Swiffer products
37. Drink Canadian origin juice as much as possible
38. Recycle laptop
39. Use Freecycle at least twice per month
40. Purchase reusable sandwich wrappers
41. Stop using Ziploc bags
42. Compost wine corks
43. Bring own flip flops to spa
44. Re-gift baby items
45. Use environmentally-friendly nail polish
46. Not use plastic plates
47. Use recycled dinnerware
48. Environmentally friendly insect control
49. Environmentally friendly scouring powder
50. Cancel unread/unwanted magazines
51. Partake in "Clean the Capital" initiative
52. Calculate my carbon footprint
53. Ban Styrofoam
54. Drive using cruise control whenever possible
55. Drive the speed limit
56. Only purchase Rainforest Alliance-certified flowers
57. Only purchase Rainforest Alliance-certified black tea
58. No more DVD purchases
59. Purchase an environmentally-friendly yoga mat
60. Carpool whenever possible
61. Make one lunch/dinner per day vegetarian
62. Only use dishwasher at night
63. Turn off "heat dry" feature on dishwasher
64. Have someone else pick up our puppy
65. Re-use our dog items
66. Clean shower regularly with vinegar
67. Get rid of mould in shower with hydrogen peroxide
68. Purchase biodegradable kitchen garbage bags
69. Send electronic invitations
70. Purchase only recycled plastic black garbage bags
71. Plant more native species in garden
72. Hang linens to dry
73. Purchase bamboo socks
74. Install timers for bathroom fans
75. Join Project Feederwatch
76. Cancel newspaper subscription
77. Borrow Hallowe'en costumes instead of buying them
78. Turn tap off when hand washing
79. Purchase environmentally-friendly kids shampoo
80. Hold a "greener" birthday party
81. Place compost bags in all rooms
82. Use a variation of the "if it's yellow...." rule
83. Eat kids' leftovers for lunch instead of throwing out food
84. Put certain lights on timers
85. Turn computer off when not using it (during day)
86. Install wall plate insulators
87. Re-purpose our baby bathtub
88. Purchase environmentally-friendly dog shampoo
89. Purchase re-usable produce bags
90. Turn furnace fan to "auto"
91. Make my own drain de-clogger
92. Use eco- and body-friendly hand cream
93. Be powerWISE
94. Start looking for local sources of animal protein
95. Buy a recycled steel garbage can
96. Enroll children in Scouting and Guiding movements
97. Not using SOS pads for kitchen cleaning
98. Use an all natural facial scrub
99. Buy and use a Diva Cup
100. Make more food from scratch
101. Use eco-friendly lip balm
102. Use expandable cooling rack
103. Turn off air conditioning breaker
104. Buy and use an all-natural eyeshadow
105. Purchase rain barrels
106. Bring home our compostables
107. Invest in nightlights
108. Install dual flush toilet handle
109. Invest in stainless steel frying pans
110. Get rid of plastic cups
111. Designate a "No Buy Day" every week
112. Remove plastic liner from window envelopes
113. Purchase "less cruel" eggs
114. Purchase fewer food items containing artificial colour
115. Purchase eco- and body-friendly blush
116. Participate in The Milk Bag Project
117. Purchase environmentally- and body-friendly shampoo
118. Water my plants with grey water
119. Take stairs whenever possible
120. Return plastic pots to nursery
121. Start to become politically involved in environmental change
122. Start shopping at bulk store
123. Bring my own containers to bulk store
124. Eliminate cards for big people
125. Buy more recycled school supplies
126. Cut down on canned beverages
127. Use a microfibre mop
128. Eliminate plastic wrap
129. Use eco-friendly and body-friendly hair conditioner
130. Recycle my old running shoes
131. Join Paws for the Planet
132. Recycle my K-cups
133. No more make-up
134. Stop idling in drive-thru
135. Change light bulbs to CFLs
136. Switch to web-based calendar
137. Shop more often at farmer's market
138.  Use recycled fibre facial tissue