Friday, September 10, 2010

Banning all Styrofoam (Day 53)

I'm not sure if this change will be sustainable.

 As a general rule, we don't use Styrofoam products in our house (e.g. bowls, cups). Our biggest consumption of Styrofoam is in packaging for kids' toys and in the meat products we consume.  I don't really have a lot of control over how much Styrofoam is in the packaging, but I will endeavour to buy things that don't contain it.

The biggest issue for us will be meat packages.  I buy almost all of our meat at the grocery story or Costco.  Both places sell pre-packaged meat, in Styrofoam containers.  Banning Styrofoam in the house means one of two things:  1) either reducing the amount of meat we consume or 2) changing the way I purchase meat.

Instead of buying meat in pre-packaged containers, I will now have to go to the butcher counter and have my meat wrapped in butcher paper, or actually frequent a specialty shop.  The problem with the later is that there isn't a good butcher near where I live.  So I would have to drive about 15 minutes away (burning fossil fuels) and make an extra trip, in order to avoid the Styrofoam issue.

I can try the butcher counter at the grocery store, but based on my past experiences, they don't offer the greatest selection of product.  I will, in the coming months, attempt to reduce our meat consumption altogether, but for now I still have to tackle this problem.

So which is worse - Styrofoam or fossil fuels?  There is no easy answer to this one, but for now I'll say Styrofoam, and go check out the butcher shop.

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