Thursday, September 30, 2010

Turn off heat dry on dishwasher (Day 63)

In addition to running my dishwasher at night, I am also going to turn off the heat dry function.  It's unfortunate that I am doing this, because I have a crappy dishwasher and it doesn't dry dishes completely even with the heat dry on.  So now I will have very wet dishes to air or hand dry when I unload the dishes.  I guess this is the price I have to pay for going "green" with my dishwasher.


  1. If you are around when the dishwasher cycle ends, open it immediately. If you open the door and pull out at least one level then the hot dishes dry quickly. It also gives you a chance to rinse out anything that flipped over and is holding water/crumbs now, rather than later when the crumbs are dried on.

  2. Thanks, crstn85. I'll give this a try.