Sunday, September 5, 2010

More eco-friendly insect control (Day 48)

Like most people this time of year, my house is being overrun by fruit flies.  But I have a new weapon in my arsenal of eco-friendly bug killers - apple cider vinegar.  Apparently, the poor things can't swim.  Fill a small bowl with the vinegar, place plastic wrap on top, poke in a few holes, and viola!  Fruit fly insecticide.  They climb in, attracted by the cider vinegar, and then drown when their wings get wet and they can't fly away.   An added bonus - the kitchen smells great, too.


  1. Thanks Jen! I'm totally gonna try that...I HATE fruit flies.

  2. I tried it this afternoon and it totally worked. I got dozen's of them. It's the first time in weeks that a cloud of fruit flies doesn't attack me when I move something on the counter top. Thanks Eco Mama :)