Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bring my own flipflops to the spa (Day 43)

As mentioned in an earlier post, the biggest changes I need to make are to my personal health care products.  So many of them are bad for me, my kids, and the environment.  As I use up my existing supply, I will make a change to a more environmentally-friendly option.

That got me thinking about the pedicure I had today.  I love pedicures.  My poor feet get used and abused, and look the part.  Especially in the summer, when I'm often barefoot or in sandals that don't protect my tootsies from the elements.  I try to go on a regular basis so my feet look nice, and aren't so sore and cracked.

But the whole pedicure experience is not really environmentally-friendly.  I'm sure the products they use, while "natural", are full of chemicals that aren't so natural.  There is a lot of packaging waste - each step in the pedicure involves its own little plastic cup with lid to contain the cream, sugaring solution, or massage oil.  Then there are the disposable flip flops and tissue used when your nails get painted.  Speaking of nail polish, I'm SURE it can't be good for you.

I recently acquired a pair of flip flops from a wedding I attending this summer.  (The bride, bless her heart, had them on the dance floor, in a basket, for those ladies wishing to rid themselves of the "look great, hurt like @$#*" shoes they wore to the event).  I don't wear flip flops as a rule - I find them uncomfortable, and they don't give me a lot of support.  I tossed them in the back of my closet after the wedding.

On the drive home from the spa, I pondered if I could make any changes to the routine.  I decided to dust off the flip flops, and bring them the next time I go.  A little less garbage in the landfill, and a little less guilt at the spa.

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