Thursday, September 2, 2010

Environmentally-friendly nail polish (Day 45)

In keeping with "greening" my pedicures, I've decided to bring my own nail polish to my next one.

As I was sitting in the chair last night, the woman beside me opted for no nail polish.  I must have looked confused when she said that (isn't that one of the reasons you go for a pedicure?), because she smiled and told me she didn't like all the chemicals in them.  She enjoyed getting her feet pampered, but preferred not to use nail polish.  Huh.  It never occurred to me that you could opt out of nail colour.

I don't usually wear colour in the winter (who's going to see my nails besides me and DH when I'm wearing socks?), but come the summer, I love showing off my brightly coloured toe nails.  I thought there must be some eco-friendly nail polishes out there, so off to the computer I went to take a look.

Sure enough, there are several companies that offer environmentally-friendly choices.  None of them have rave reviews from everyone, but there are two or three that seem to be the most often recommended.   The EWG ( has a couple that also seem to be worth looking into.  

Unfortunately, none of them seem to be sold locally.  I don't want to have to special order them, and have them shipped across North America to me.  I'm going to check at my local health food store and see what I can find.  Hopefully there will be something acceptable to my environmental ethics and my pocketbook.

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  1. Well it's amazing how things just present themselves to you at just the right time. I was in the local toy store today and found "Piggy Paint". It's a non-toxic, kid friendly nail polish. Get this the back of the bottle says "If thinning is needed add one or two drops of water". WATER!!!!! So I don't know about lastablility (I'm trying my index finger first and just put it on), but coverage is fantastic I get the same colour with one coat that others take 2-3 coats. It suggests blow drying with low heat for maximum chip resistance. It was expensive $10.00/bottle, but here's the thing they had 3 styrofoam plates stacked together in the store with 6 splotches of colour. 3 on the plates, 3 that had eaten through 2 1/2 of the plates. Guess which ones I've been using on my daughter and myself (ugh). The website is for more information and locations where they sell it.