Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not buying any more DVDs (Day 58)

Our kids have lots of stuff.  Books, toys, clothes, games and movies.  The movies are especially plentiful, because we travel a lot to my in-laws (over 8 hours away) and movies help pass the time.   In fact, I think I'd cry if our portable DVD player ever broke.

But the kids don't really watch all the movies they have.  There are favourites that get played over and over again.  In fact, I think I could recite all three High School Musical movies from memory if I put my mind to it.  The rest are just collecting dust in our cupboard.

So in any effort to lessen our environmental impact, I'm not going to buy them movies any more.  I'll borrow movies from the library, or rent them from the local movie store. The same for grown-up movies.  All can be had from either the library or the local movie store, so I am not going to buy any for us either.


  1. You can also try Zip, which is a canadian version of netflix.
    I will send you an email with a link to it (i get points if i refer someone)

  2. I atruggle with this. We have sooo many movies. And not only DVDs. We have a VHS player and I pick up old movies on VHS from the Salvation Army, Goodwill etc...At least they don't cost as much and I am saving something from the landfill but still...enough with the STUFF!!

  3. I know. I'm trying not to buy "stuff", but it's hard.