Friday, August 6, 2010

Spend time everyday researching "green" issues (Day 23)

Whoops!  I forgot to post yesterday, too. So technically, Day 23 is really Day 22 and vise-versa, but you get the drift.  I made a change both days, right?   :)

Yesterday, I decided to add an educational component to my lifestyle (because I have nothing better to do), and spend part of every day learning about green changes, the environmental movement and other related issues. 

So far, I have found two new (to me) blogs - The Clean Bin Project ( and The Best Green Blogs Directory (   As well, I watched a really interesting video by the makers of the Story of Stuff, about the cosmetics industry  (   I haven't seen the Story of Stuff yet, but it is on my list on things to do.  (

If anyone can suggest good websites, articles, books or videos, please drop me a line.


  1. You might enjoy visiting my eco-blog too! It's geared to everyone, but particularly my community of Sudbury, On. Please drop in and say HI

  2. I've been wanting to watch "the story of stuff". Thanks for the reminder :)

  3. Thanks Debb, and you're welcome, Carolyn!

  4. One I like is "The Greening of Gavin" - a blog by an Australian who has completely changed his (and his family's) lifestyle for the better.

    And for something with a bit of a different focus, and more about food, check out Sharon Astyk at her two blogs:

    And there are a few more links on the sidebar of my blog as well. Great blog, I'm enjoying it!

  5. Thanks for the blog suggestions, K, and I'm glad you like my blog! Let me know what your blog is, too, so I can check it out.

  6. I am a huge fan of the Story of Stuff.How awesome that she explains it so even a 6 year old can understand. Speaking of...I had my kids watch it too! It's never too early to become an educated consumer. Check out No Impact Man's Documentary...It's great as well, and his wife is hilarious.

  7. Thanks, Anna. I will check out No Impact Man.