Sunday, August 29, 2010

No more Ziploc bags (Day 41)

Since I'm getting rid of Ziploc bags for lunches, I thought I might as well get rid of them all together.  I don't use them regularly, usually for the overflow in the kids' lunches or to store extra meat from Costco.    I tend to pack camping food in them, but I'm sure that I can find an alternate method for the few times they are needed. 

We used the last of the Ziploc bags while at the cottage this week, to store leftovers (no access to storage containers there!).  I've decided to simply not buy any more, and see how we fare. 

The trickiest thing will be to figure out how to store those long blocks of cheese without the ends drying out.  My mom uses (re-uses) milk bags cut in half, and I've used waxed paper before.  I don't like the WP, simply because my kids tend to pull the plastic cheese wrapper down farther than the WP can cover.  I think I'll try my mom's method first, and see how it works out.

As for the extra meat from Costco - I'm going to try freezing the meat individually on waxed paper and then store in the plastic bag.  (I carry the meat home in an individual plastic bag from the freezer section - not environmentally-friendly, but it prevents blood and juices from getting all over everything.) 

The only other use I have for them is for school - the teachers use them as note totes to take messages back and forth.  I'm going to send in my box of Ziploc bags, but try to research a better method to suggest to the Student School to implement for next year.


  1. I wrap my cheese in a piece of cheesecloth. Works really well.

  2. For school can't they use a recycled envelop ?

  3. Thanks, Jen - will have to try cheesecloth. As for the recycled envelope suggestion, I will certainly mention it to the administative office, and see if they will accept that alternative. Thanks for the suggestion!