Monday, August 16, 2010

Invest in front-door screen (Day 31)

This post is a bit of a cheat, because I had already made this change just before I started my eco-challenge.  However, after discussing this idea with friends, I decided to include this as one of my changes.

DH and I bought a retractable screen door for our front door.  With the layout of our house, the front door is a straight line to the back patio doors.  We have a screen on the back door, and always have it open on nice days.  However, until last month, I was unable to take advantage of our corner lot and its constant breeze at the front. The front of the house is also north facing, with a deep front porch, so it keeps the house really cool.

Now, with the front door and back door open, we get a beautiful cross-breeze through the lower part of our house.  I have had the air conditioner on about two days since I've had the screen door, despite several 30C plus days.  We have definitely saved energy as we are not using the air nearly as much.  The house isn't as stuffy, and there is a delightful breeze that blows gently throughout most of the day. 

It's just a little piece of heaven.

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