Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Body-friendly deodorant (Day 19)

I'm slowly "greening" my beauty regime.  As I use up my current products, I plan to replace them with environmentally and body friendly alternatives.  Next on the list is deodorant.

I have to confess right now, that I am NOT looking forward to this change.  With kids, I am outside a lot.  I tend to perspire heavily, especially in summer, and have always used antiperspirant as a means from preventing my clothes from getting too stinky and stained.  The one time I tried a deodorant (as opposed to antiperspirant), I ended up with sweat stains on some of my favourite shirts.

I dutifully checked EWG's Skin Deep database (http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/).  I checked my current antiperspirant and was pleasantly surprised to find that it rated a 5 out of 10 for nastiness.  However, my goal is to try and get all of my products to 3 or less.  I found three products that are carried at my local drug store.   I need to pick up a prescription today, so will also pick up one of these deodorants while I"m there.

I'm going to grin and bear it, and hope that I don't get too smelly.  And hope that I can find  a "green" stain remover, just in case.


  1. Which deodorants did you find that were three or less? I know I'm being lazy but since you already did the footwork...:) This is something I am attempting to do as well. I've made my own exfoliator and cleanser. the exfoliator is great, the cleanser isn't bad. I used to use all Dr. Hauschka products but given my current financial situationthis isn't possible anymore.

  2. Oh, I'm interested to know how this works out as I'll be making this switch sometime soon too! Keep us posted!

  3. Good Luck! We've made the switch to better-for-you deodorants, but it's been a trick finding ones that really work, especially on my husband! After many tries we've decided to go with Burt's Bees spray deodorant for now. Since it's a spray, we're able to share, and it's surprisingly effective. I would suggest avoiding Tom's at all costs....you get a BO/rubber smell that's just not ok...A good friend of ours has been trying Crystal (literally a rock you wet and rub under your arms), they bike everywhere and so far it's been very effective not just with body odor control but helping control sweat. Are you planning on persuading DH to make the switch too?

  4. Hi everyone - I am trying a crystal type product called "Pur". It's a Shoppers Drug Mart brand. It's paraben, aluminum and SLS free. So far, so good, but's it's only been one day! :)

    As for Tom's, this was the brand I tried before without success - interesting that someone else had a poor experience with it as well.

    Carolyn - the three I think I found in the database were JASON, Tom's of Maine, and Kiss My Face. All products were unscented. I will double check my notes when I get home, and if the brands are different from what I remember, I'll let you know.

    As for DH - we're still going with "stealth factor". I'll wait until I've had some success before I mention anything. :)

  5. I just make my own out of baking soda and cornstarch. You can add coconut oil if you want a it to be a solid and not a powder or if you want to add scent. It sounds hippy dippy, but it's actually great and super cheap too.

  6. That's interesting - do you apply it with a brush?