Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Recycle furniture (Day 28)

This week I shopped at MDSL - Mom and Dad Savings and Loan Company.   My parents have been great to us over the years.  Financial assistance when it was needed, grand-parenting and dog-sitting.  They even put us up for a few months while we had our house built.  They have donated furniture to us as unemployed newlyweds, and young parents first starting out.  I never thought that I would be looking again to them for furniture once I was established in life.

However, the opportunity to save money and get some beautiful items has once again appeared.  My parents have moved a lot in recent years, and amassed a great collection of things.  Those that no longer appealed or worked with the new house were relegated to the basement.  My mom has decided that she wants to free up some basement space, and ask my brother and I if we would like anything from their house.

Her request couldn't have come at a better time.  DH and I have started reclaiming the main floor of our house from our children.  We have relegated all the toys and books to the basement, and are once again ready to have "adult space" upstairs.  Except, now we have an empty front room to fill. 

"I have some beautiful couches, if you want them," she mentioned when I told her of our plan.  "You can have the glass coffee table and end table, too."  I discussed it with DH and he thought it was a great idea.  The couches are only a few years old, and in great shape.  The coffee and end tables are about 20 years old, but still look brand new.  

Instead of buying new, and incurring all of the environmental nasties that go with Scotch-guard, manufacturing and textile production, we get the same end product, but with a more eco-conscious feel.

I can't wait - we get our "new" furniture on Tuesday.


  1. That's great. We got a sofa from my husband's parents when we were first married and when we finally got another couch, we passed it on to a friend who has it at her cottage. Great to recycle furniture.

  2. Yes, the couches were delivered today and look terrific! I can't wait to set the room up properly.