Monday, August 9, 2010

Recycle plastic cutlery (Day 26)

OK, I lied in a previous post.  I said that we didn't use plastic cutlery.  I was thinking of disposable plastic cutlery, the kind that is featured in take-out restaurants and at family gatherings.  We don't use that kind at all.

However, up until today, we did use plastic cutlery for our children.  As every parent knows, teaching your kids to eat real food is a trial and error process.  More food ends up on the floor, walls and ceiling than in the mouth.  In the process, your child learns to use a spoon and fork with greater accuracy.  Up until a certain age (usually around 2 1/2) the utensil doesn't always end up in the mouth.  The eye, the cheek, the teeth, even the hair, but not the mouth.

So as a good parent, I tried to make the learning process as painless as possible, and invested in good quality plastic cutlery for my children.  The cutlery has lasted 8 years and about a dozen kids, so I think this was an economical investment.  (No, I don't have 12 children - but I until this summer I ran a home daycare and could have up to six kids sitting at the table at one time).

But now the daycare kids are gone, and my youngest will be three next month.  It's time to graduate her to "grown-up" utensils.  She's already asking for and using the stainless steel Mickey or Minnie Mouse fork and the Pluto spoon. 

The plastic utensils have three new homes - one in our "picnic basket".  This is the box that I take on the road when I pack a picnic meal, and if the cutlery gets lost or forgotten, it's no big deal.  The second spot is in the play kitchen in the basement.  I've put the Zoo cutlery there for the kids.  Finally, the nice Gerber spoons are going in my bin of "baby stuff", hopefully to be passed on to some expectant friend.

Now I just need to find more of my everyday dishes, and then I can get rid of the plastic bowls and plates.


  1. It's so hard to completely change things and weed things out. You are making such phenominal progress!
    You are really inspiring me in our next 21 day adventure. Looking forward to joining you.


  2. Thanks for the support, Carolyn! Good luck on your next adventure.