Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Month 1 Update

It's hard to believe that I started this challenge a month ago.   The days have gone by so quickly.  All the changes have been relatively seemless.   Things that I thought were so challenging to begin with, now are effortless because I am so used to doing them.

I haven't bought a bottle of water this month, nor have I received any unaddressed junk mail.  I'm getting used to the "Farrah" look - in fact, I've had several compliments on my "new" hairstyle!  I really like my moisturizer and deodorant, although I wish I had picked a non-pore plugging version of the moisturizer.  I will try and find this when I go to buy my next container of it. 

I'm finally used to the navy showers, although I still don't like them very much.  However, turning up the water slightly from cool to warmish, has helped.  I'm getting in the habit of uplugging the computer, the coffee maker and the toaster every day - DH is getting in the habit of plugging everything back in without complaining.  :)

Still no luck with groundhog removal, but I haven't seen Herman recently, so hopefully he's found another home.  I haven't used a disposable coffee cup this month, nor have I used plastic take-out containers. 

The hardest thing I have found is to stick to the green challenge while I've been away, usually when at someone else's house.  My friends and family have been accomodating to the challenge, but haven't changed their habits.  As a result, I've used disposable plastic cutlery, bottled water and haven't always been able to follow the "one glass per day" rule.  But I think that as long as I stick to my rules/challenges 90% of the time, I'll cut myself some slack for the other 10%.

Thank you again for all of the support, both public and private.  I'm and glad you are enjoying my adventure, and I look forward to sharing the next 11 months with you.

P.S.  Several readers have made suggestions for changes that we already do as a family, so I am trying to figure out how to post our current green lifestyle, so readers can compare with what's left to change.  Look for this list in the near future.


  1. Looking forward to the list :) You are doing GREAT!!


    Saw this cute craft and thought of you. Great for when the kids start school. I made a similar one last night in 15 minutes. :)

  3. Thanks, Carolyn - you certainly keep my spirits up!

    Thanks, Anna. I'll definitely check out the link.