Monday, August 30, 2010

Compost our wine corks (Day 42)

I spent most of the day trying to organize the kids' back -to-school stuff, before heading over to my parents' for a swim.  Now the day is done and I'm sitting at my computer, glass of wine in hand.

Speaking of wine, I was going to make our next green change to switch to only Ontario wines, but then realized that DH does 95% of the alcohol shopping, so I'll need to get his buy-in for that one.  However, one change I can make is to recycle our wine corks.

Vanessa used a program called Bag-A-Cork, which was run in partnership with the Ontario Girl Guides and a few other partners.  Unfortunately, they had to abandon the program in 2008, due to a lack of resources to run it. 

We've always just tossed the corks in the garbage.  It never occurred to me to compost them, until I realized today, after checking out the Bag-A-Cork website, that cork is a tree - duh!!  Plant materials can go in the compost, so why not wine corks?  I double checked the city website, and they don't mention wine corks, so I'll go ahead and add them.


  1. Ontario is one of the most amazing places for wine.
    I hope I draw your name for Chirstmas... I have so many options on what to give you!

  2. We love Ontario wines, especially Point Pelee. I hope you get our names for Christmas, too. :)

  3. Alot of wines are switching from cork or plastic corks to twist off.
    It used to be that only the best wines used corks and if you were a true wine connoisseur that was the only way to go, but it has been proven that twist offs are just as good and they do not affect the taste of wine.
    just a thought


  4. Hey - it's wine! :) If I get any "real" corks, I'll put them in the composter.