Friday, October 22, 2010

Not renew newspaper subscription (Day 76)

This eco-change makes me a little sad.  I like my morning paper.  It's the one time in the day that I get to sit, drink my coffee, and see what is going on in the world, in-between getting breakfast for the kids, feeding the dog, nagging the kids, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning up breakfast......

Who am I kidding? I don't really have time to read the paper.  I more or less skim the headlines in the front section, and save the rest of the paper for later in the day, if I have a quiet moment (which sometimes does happen).  But I like the idea the paper.  As mentioned in previous posts, I am a tactile person.  I like holding onto something when I read it.  I like having in-depth analysis of the latest news, not to mention the specialty sections of food, lifestyles and comics!

On the weekends, DH and I spend at least an hour reading the paper in the morning.  This leads to bumped heads, yelling and various other forms of communication with our offspring, because we are engrossed in the paper, and not paying attention to them.

So, in an effort to green my lifestyle, save money and improve my relationship with my children, I am not renewing our subscription.  I have access to a full online version through our library, so I can sit at the computer during quiet moments and read about the previous day's events.

I'm sad that I'm putting our carrier a little more out of work (we are one of a handful of people on the street who get the paper), but I'm hoping that the trees, energy and fossil fuels I am saving will offset my conscience.


  1. It wouldn't be so bad if paper carriers were young kids on their first job, walking the neighbourhood with a cart in tow. But now they're all adults who drive their cars, and don't even bother getting out of them to throw the paper in your flower beds... Yeah, I guess I do have a bone to pick with the paper 'boy'!
    I also like the idea of having a leisurely breakfast while reading the paper, but we all know it rarely happens. And as much as I would like to support the newspapers, I really don't want to have a daily dose of bad news... One dose is enough, so I just go to my parents' on the week-ends to read their paper!

  2. Yes, our carrier drives a car, but we have a long driveway so he does get out and walk a bit, while letting his car idle on the street! I think supporting the newspapers is a great idea, and I'm going to keep getting our local paper (which is free anyway), so I will still be getting some "good news" every week.