Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Buy environmentally friendly kid shampoo (Day 79)

Another change in our use of cosmetics/hygiene products.  I've purchased an eco-friendly, body-friendly shampoo for my children.  The particular brand I purchased (Green Beaver) is not listed in EWG's cosmetics database (  Interestingly, the other brands I had in mind ALL scored 4 or more on the nasty scale in the database.  A couple of them scored 7 or 8!

I've reviewed the ingredients list on my purchase to the best of my ability - no parabens, phthalates, SLS, fragrance, nor is it tested on animals.  It's not easy on the pocketbook, though.  This shampoo was the same price for a small 250 g bottle as a 2L bottlle of my regular 'scores "5" on the scale' shampoo from Costco. 

A quick look at the Green Beaver company website ( and a quick perusal of other "green" blogs, indicates that I've made a good choice with this shampoo.  I will admit though, if I can find a "2" or "3" scale shampoo that is more cost effective, I am going to make the switch.


  1. Great Post! It is hard to find good green shampoo. I've tried several my current fave is Druid (i just reviewed them on my blog), and have been really happy with their products.
    Anyway Thanks for stopping by my blog- I'm a new follower too :D
    Natural Mama Reviews

  2. You could always try no 'poo... I havent' been that brave yet, but I've read about it in several places on the 'net.

  3. Hi Tara - I've haven't seen Druid brand anywhere; where did you find it? Thanks for joining my blog. I look forward to sharing our journeys!

  4. Hi Nicole - yeah, I don't think I'm that brave yet either! LOL. The kids are every third or fourth day 'poo-ers, and I'm every other day, so we definitely are cutting down on our consumption. But none? Ewwww.....