Sunday, October 24, 2010

Borrow Hallowe'en costumes (Day 77)

Well, the big day arrives in one week, and a slow panic is starting to set in about costumes.  All of the kids know what they want to be, but it's up to me to provide them with the costumes.  I tried suggesting costumes we already had in our dress-up bin; of course, no one wanted them. 

I told the kids that I wouldn't buy them costumes this year, they had to wear ones we already had, or we had to see if we could borrow them from friends.  Fortunately for us, a good friend down the street has kids that love to dress-up and have all of the articles we need for two of our three costumes.  DD1 is going as a pirate a la Jack Sparrow, and DS is Indiana Jones, courtesy of our neighbours.  DD2 wants to be a ghost - a little more problematic as she is only three, and I don't want to cover her with a sheet. (Actually, I'm not even sure she'd wear one).  I decided that white pants and a white shirt will suffice, and I'll paint her face white, too.  I have the shirt and the face paint, I just need to find a pair of pants.  I've put the word out to several friends, and I hope that pants will materialize before the weekend.

The face paint is not eco-friendly - it's stage make-up, so I shudder to think what might be in it.  However, I won't be using too much, it won't be on that long, and I am not going out to buy new make-up for one night.

Any suggestions for inexpensive environmentally-friendly Hallowe'en goodies?

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