Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hang linens to dry (Day 72)

We live in a two story house, with an open stairwell from the second to the first floor.  I often hang quilts, blankets and mattress covers from the railing to finish drying, if they are still damp when I take them out of the dryer.  But it never occurred to me to just hang stuff to dry off of the railing until I was talking to my neighbour a few weeks ago.

She hangs all of her linens to dry off the railing. Like me, she has a front load washer, which takes most of the moisture out of the items during the spin cycle.  Since she doesn't have to worry about water dripping all over the floor, she hangs her blankets, sheets, etc. on the railing and lets them air dry - she doesn't bother with the dryer in the first place.

She saves energy from the dryer and her things still dry within a day or two.  It sounds great to me - I am going to emulate this.  All sheets and  blankets will hang from the railing from now on.

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