Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clean my shower with vinegar (Day 66)

I just realized that I still have toxic cleaning chemicals in my house.  I was gathering my cleaning supplies together to do the bathrooms, and noticed that I still have Tilex in my supply caddy.   Tilex is filled with all kinds of nasties. The fumes are so bad I can't use it - I have DH spray down the tile shower and rinse it clean.  I can't be in the bathroom at all for HOURS after he sprays the shower.

I was reading an older issue (April 2010) of Canadian Living on the train this weekend.  There was an article in it on spring cleaning using non-toxic alternatives.   In it was the suggestion to use plain white vinegar, warmed in the microwave, to clean soap scum and dirt.  According to the article, I should spray it on, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse. 

I guess this means that cleaning the shower is my chore from now on.


  1. Please Eco Mama don't use hydrogen peroxide - it is a nasty toxic chemical. Rather try spraying with 50% vinegar and 50% water - no need to warm the vinegar.

    Also - if you want to clean your shower (walls, doors, etc) use a mixture of bicarb and vinegar (just enough vinegar to wet the bicarb) - it cleans the scum off very easily.

    To clean the shower head - remove it from the shower arm and place in a container filled with neat vinegar overnight.

    And lastly, to clean the shower (in fact any) drain, pour in a couple of tablespoons of bicard, then pour neat vinegar on top of the bicarb - it will bubble all the nasties out of your drains :-)

  2. Thanks, Dani. I didn't know HP was a nasty - guess I should double check my sources before applying their recommendations! :)

    I'll try your other recommendations, too.