Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week 2 Update

The second week has gone by, and all changes are in place, for the most part.   Travel has made some of the earlier changes very hard to keep. 

We stayed with my BIL and they drink lots of bottled water.  Of course, my kids wanted to drink it, too, for the novelty.  Then there was the extended family BBQ on the weekend, which had bottled water, paper plates, plastic cutlery and no compost bin.   I will modify my "no bottled water" to allow the kids to have it as a treat at a party.  I didn't have it, and will continue not to drink it, but I hate to consign them to nothing to drink (since the only alternatives are often soda or tetra packs of juice (which I think are just as bad for the environment)).   Yes, I could request glasses for them, but let's be realistic - the kids want to be the same as everyone else.  I see no harm in the occasional bottle on at special events.

Unplugging has been a challenge as well.  I can't seem to remember to turn off the computer power bar, or always unplug the coffee maker or toaster.  I shall persevere - hopefully practice makes perfect.

I'm not too thrilled with the navy showers, but now that I've turned up the heat slightly, they are too bad.  DH even tried one this morning - I'm not sure he'll stick with it, but I'm happy he tried.

The ants have returned. I tried the Borax as suggested by a reader, but it didn't seem to help, either. The critters still managed to find their way into my house. DH set out ant poison, which seems to have done the trick. Not very environmentally friendly, I know.

Everything else has been going smoothly - I love my new face moisturizer, and being without a hair dryer has been great.  I'm looking forward to doing some canning this weekend.  I plan to put an extra travel mug in my van tomorrow in case I need a coffee break.  I also received (and paid!) my first electronic bill.  It was really simple and really easy.  I don't know why I didn't switch before.

For those of you that pay attention to these things, I have also decided not to follow Vanessa's changes in order.   Many changes have happened due to circumstance, others due to the "stealth factor".  I promise I will attempt every one of her changes at some point in the next year.

Thanks to everyone for their support - your comments and suggestions, words of encouragement and shared stories are providing me with continued enthusiasm for this project.  


  1. Who cares about "Vanessa's changes" this is YOUR blog about you and your environmental journey/adventure. So do what you want when you want, I bet you will have just as an impressive list as her {if not even better). Also as hard as some of these changes are hang in there. You are very inspiring!!
    keep up the good work!


  2. As far as remembering to turn things off, try using post it notes for awhile as a memory trigger. It might work :)
    You need to truly pat yourself on the back for what you are doing, especially with young children!

  3. Thanks, PH and Carolyn for the support. I realize that this is my blog, but the origin of the idea is based on Vanessa's - can I do what she did with a family of 5?

  4. Hey there! I finished reading Vanessa's book last month, toddled over to her blog, and found yours! I am enjoying following your blog while I'm making my own, smaller changes to my lifestyle and my two boy's world. I'm loving the "local" aspect of this blog - being an "Ontarian" too, and liking your "Mom" perspective. I can't see how you can follow Vanessa's changes and be successful - considering the size of your family and the lifestyle that needs to be maintained! Sounds like you experienced some of that at the party with the water bottles.

    Keep it up....I look forward to your posts! Don't forget what Kermit said...."It aint easy bein' green!"