Sunday, July 25, 2010

Showers in the dark (Day 10)

It's hard to make changes to your lifestyle when you are on the road (or to keep them for that matter, but that's a post for another day).
I wasn't going to make this change of Vanessa's until later on, but it is another easy one, and more importantly, easy to accomplish while I am away.

I am showering in the dark.  Vanessa found it to be a relaxing way to enter into the day.  I must say, although I've only done it twice, I have to agree. 

Our bathroom has an overhead light in the middle of the room, a light in the shower stall, and a multi-light fixtures over each of our two sinks.  It's really enough light to direct airport traffic onto a runway.   By turning off the lights to shower, I'm sure I'll save enough electricity to power the city for a day. 

It also helps with the transition from "sleep time" to "awake time". It is summer, and there is lots of natural light coming into the bathroom early in the morning. It makes for a pleasant early morning experience. No more harsh glare from the bathroom lights before I've had a chance to wake up.

I'm curious to see if I'm as enamoured of this change in the winter, when it's dark outside, as I am right now.


  1. winter just about kills any eco-friendly water saving things I do in the summer. would it still be fair to trade in that for other, new eco tips come winter? or is that eco-laziness? probably.

  2. Probably! :) We'll see how well I do once the -20C plus weather hits.

  3. I read this post and I see that it is now Dec 6th. I'm in Ontario also and we are sitting at
    -12. I'm curious as to the showering in the dark. I am going to try it tomorrow, but getting up at 6am: I'm afraid that I will be showering, dressing, and getting ready for school in the dark :)


  4. Well, showering in the dark is more showering in dim light these days. I try to open the blinds a bit to let the dawn in, but sometimes, if I'm up really early, I might turn on the light in the closet. As long as I'm not using the landing lights I have in my bathroom, I figure I'm probably ok, energy consumption-wise. :)