Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Army Showers (Day 11)

Ugh.  That's all I have to say.  Having decided to limit my showers to luke warm water and darkness, I thought, why not go all out and turn the water off inbetween soaping and rinsing.

That was a really dumb idea.   I am not enjoying this at all - I'm shivering and soapy and having a hard time getting the water back to a decent temperature once off, so I'm really having a cold shower not a luke warm one.

I think I'll raise the temperature a bit, so I at least warm up a bit during the rinse cycle.


  1. Here's where the shower head with a turn off switch that I've been looking for comes in. If you shut off the flow, not the taps, the water stays warm. I did manage to find a new Waterpik that has a "pause" button (it wasn't out there when I last looked 6 months ago). It doesn't turn off the flow totally, but shuts it down to a meer trickle, enough to wet your puff or get some water to sipe your eyes. I've been doing the "navy" (I was always taught it started in the navy because they carry a finite supply of fresh water on board ship, thus the need to conserve)shower for 4 days now. I did try it turning the water off and on again a few years ago and that was a definate no go. I wasted more water waiting for the water to warm up again than if I left it running. Lee Valley also has a brass shut off valve for outside taps that would work too if the pipe for your shower head is mounted high enough to add a bit of an extension.

  2. Where did you find the Waterpik? And you are right - more water is wasted trying to get the temp up than if it's left running.

    I think it is the "navy", but I was posting late at night and was tired and knew it was something military! :)

    I did a warmer shower this am, and wasn't so cold inbetween, but I'd love to have a "pause" button aparatus.

  3. I found it at Canadian tire. It came as just the shower head or a hand held version. I can't recall the exact name, but it was Waterpik in a light brown package with green writing. The Lee Valley shut off was cheaper, but like I said you'd need to have enough room.

  4. I'll have DH take a look next time he's there. Thanks for the tip.