Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No more hair dryer (Day 12)

Part of the joys of travelling is the packing.  Or the forgetting, in my case.  It's inevitable - whenever we go somewhere, I forget something.   It could be as simple as a toothbrush or as complicated as my DD's Epi-Pen (only did that once, thank goodness!).

For my trip to my inlaws' this past weekend, it was my hair dryer.   I, therefore subjected everyone to my wind-swept (or blown, as the case may be) hair this weekend.  And you know what?  It didn't look too bad. 

Apparently, I have a bit of a wave in my hair.  And my current haircut provides little "wings" around the side of my face.   I think it's rather attractive.  DH thought so, too.  "Hey Farrah," he said, "I like the 'do."

So for all my friends and family, you'll be seeing my new "hairdo" for the next 11 months or so. 

Just don't call me Farrah.


  1. I think this is an awesome idea. The wholke project I mean! I'm reading "Sleeping naked is green" right now and I think it's a great book. Really inspiring. The more people who do these sort of things the merrier!
    My daughter and I just started a blog to chronicle our journey with trying different things for 21 days. We are hoping to do 21 different projects. Some for health, some for the environment, some for spiritual or creative growth.
    Anyway I'll be reading along on your adventure!

  2. Your hair looked great!
    it was great seeing you, too

  3. Carolyn - let me know the name of your blog, so I can follow you!

  4. It was great seeing you as well, Nicole. Thanks for the confidence boost! :)

  5. Wait! No hair dryer counts as being eco-conscious. Wooohoooo! Here I thought I was just being too darned tired to give a misspelled carp about my appearence. Now when my mom say's "Didn't you take the time to even dry your hair today?". I can honeystly respond "but I'm just being eco-conscious, Jen's blog said so ;)"