Saturday, July 17, 2010

Water, water everywhere (Day 3)

Another minor change today - no more bottled water. 

I know I said that we rarely use bottled water as a family, and therefore, considered myself "environmentally-friendly" in that regard.  But as I got thinking about it, we still occasionally consume it, and I thought that maybe a total elimination of the product might be better.

We already have refillable thermos for the kids' school lunch bags. We try to remember to take them when we go out to places like sports class or somewhere that the kids might want a drink. We take them when we travel to visit friends or relatives. We drink tap water at home.

We also have a hydro back-pack that a friend introduced me to a year ago. It's a great thing - a refillable water bladder that fits snugly into a small day pack.  We take this when we go hiking, or I take the kids to the park and don't want to be bothered with individual thermoses.

So the kids are pretty green. But DH and I? Well, that's another story.

I admit that I am not nearly as prepared as my kids for a sudden thirst. Yes, DH and I bring travel mugs when we travel, but only use them half the time. I certainly don't think to bring a thermos for myself for everyday use, if I am going out somewhere.

As for DH, I don't have a clue as to what his bottled water consumption is. We don't drink bottled water at home, but at his office? When he is out and about?  I really don't know. He does bring a Nalgene bottle filled with water to work, but does he refill it?
My commitment to change, then, is this: no more plastic water bottles for me or the kids. If we get thirsty and there isn't a water fountain, thermos or refillable cup/mug somewhere nearby, then forget it.

P. S. -- For those at the BBQ I attended tonight - yes, we drank bottled water.  And yes, that will be the last for us for the next year.

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