Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Houston, we may have a problem.....

DH noticed my introductory blog submission last night.

Uh oh.

"Hmmm", he said. "Are you blogging now?", with the implication, you don't have time for that nonsense.

"No," I replied somewhat truthfully, "not yet". I hadn't posted yet, so I wasn't really lying, was I?

"Hm." was the response. "Don't be getting any crazy ideas."

DD, DS, and DD thought my ideas were great, until they realized they would have to be involved.

"But mummy, I don't want to lose my TV and movies!" "Mummy, I want treats!" "Does this mean we don't get any more presents?"

So much for family buy-in. I guess I'll just have to apply the stealth method for the first few changes, until someone notices.


  1. Interesting...Mr. Environment of all people should not thwart your new ambition, even the blogging part!

    I feel the need to tell you that I spent the last two weeks changing every damn lightbulb in my new house to the low-watt version!! I think we went from 5000 watts in lights to less than 500.

    It's a start, right!?


  2. You're doing better than I am - we're only 50/50 right now. Wait....do I feel a blog entry coming on? :)


  3. Hi Eco Mama!

    I love your blog! Like you and Vanessa, I,too, am an eco-blogger: I am the author of "Deb Goes Green: One Woman's Attmept at CO2 Sobriety in an Oil-Addicted World" (www.debgoesgreen.com)
    Feel free to check out what I've been up to-I'm actually posting this on Oct 23 2010 as I have been delightedly scroling through your blog and commented on various posts! :-)

  4. Hi Deb - thanks for liking my blog! :) I'll check yours out. Good luck with your "greening".

  5. Thanks, Eco Mama! Feel free to comment on any article you find interesting and please let's keep trading notes! -Deb:-) P.S. I *really* admire that you are taking this on with husband and three kids in tow! Like Vanessa (was), I'm single, no kids (though have a long-term steady BF that totally supports my green efforts and had made some changes of his own!)

  6. Well, it's been an interesting challenge, but I must say that the kids are adapting much better than DH! LOL. He's a good sport about it, but the kids are so indoctrinated about the environment every where we turn (school. home, Guiding, Scouting)that they don't roll their eyes or think something is silly when I suggest an idea. DD1, especially, keeps reminding me about recycling and reusing, and loves to be in charge of taking things out and sorting them into the proper bins. You've just got to start them early enough, and they think this is the way life is supposed to be.