Thursday, July 29, 2010

No more baths for the kids (Day 15)

Continuing with the water conservation theme, I'm implementing another of Vanessa's changes.  I'm switching the children from baths to showers. 

With summer here, the kids get filthy from playing outside - in the sandbox, on the climber, running around.  I need to bathe them every night.  Of course, no one wants to reuse the bath water, so it's fill and drain, fill and drain, fill and drain.
A few times in June, I plunked them in the shower to save time - it was a school night, we came in late and they needed to get clean.  But lately, it's just been easier.  Turn on the shower, put them in it, wash and dry.  No more fights about who gets which bath toys, whose water was hotter or colder, or who got more water in the tub.  No "accidental" dumping of the shampoo bottle to make a bubble bath.  

There was some resistance at first, but having done this for about a week, the kids seem to accept this as the new order of things.  So I'm going to keep it - and hope my youngest learns to shower herself soon.


  1. Showers for kids are great...they tend to not want to stay in there forever playing!

  2. That's true, now that I've learned not to offer the toys to them anymore! :)