Monday, November 15, 2010

Re-purpose our baby bathtub (Day 87)

One of the great joys of having a dog is taking her out for walks.  We've recently been visiting an unofficial off-leash park in our area.  It is a hydro corridor that has walking paths through fields and the wood.  Our dog gets a good run and some socialization, while I get to enjoy the fresh air. 

One of the disadvantages of having a semi-long haired dog is the mud that ends up covering her by the time the walk is finished.  Whether the path is thawing or she is picking up dew in the grass, she gets wet and dirty very quickly.  Being apricot in colour, it is also very noticeable!

I've tried washing her paws off in the tub, with the hose and with a bowl, but it's a pain and doesn't allow me to manoeuvre very easily.  I'm stuck either washing her with really cold water, or filling and re-filling the bowl several times.

I mentioned to DH that I needed a better solution to bathe the dog after her walks.  "Why not use the baby bathtub?" he wondered.  We still had it downstairs in our basement.  When I had offered our baby stuff to my friend, she hadn't needed one, so I had put it back in storage until I could figure out what to do with it.

It works great.  I get to fill up a large tub with warm water, I'm able to carry the tub to the garage so I'm not messing up my laundry room, I'm saving water, and I'm re-using something that would other wise collect dust or be thrown away. 

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