Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eat the kids' leftovers at lunch (Day 83)

I love food.  I enjoy cooking and baking, and preparing meals that are, for the most part, health and nutritious.  DH appreciates my efforts.  My kids, not so much.   DD2 tends to eat anything.  DS is the meat eater of the family - I can get him to eat fruits and vegetables, but he'd prefer meat.  DD1 is very finicky.  I'm never sure from one day to the next whether or not she'll like what I've prepared.

This leads to a lot of half-eaten or un-eaten meals.  In the past, I've tossed their leftover meals in the compost bin.  But DH and I have decided this is a waste of food.  So we are going to eat their unfinished meals for our lunch.  I figure I already have their germs, so I'm not really being unsanitary.  And most of the food is perfectly fine.  I'll toss the mangled, mashed or obviously chewed bits in the compost.  But the remaining untouched or lightly touched meat, veggies or bread will go in a container for the next day.

At least I know that my meals will be eaten and appreciated by someone.

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