Monday, November 8, 2010

Install timers on lights (Day 84)

In keeping with the saving energy theme, DH is planning to install timers on a couple of our lights in the basement.  Similar to our bathroom fans, I often don't realize the basement bathroom light has been left on by our children until several hours after they've left.  I try to remember to check the basement before we all leave for school, etc., but sometimes in the morning rush, I forget.  Or, I don't run all the way downstairs, just poke my head in the stairwell to see if the lights are on.  (I can't see the bathroom from the stairs, so don't notice if the light is on if I don't go all the way down.)  Sometimes I don't notice that the light is on until mid-afternoon, when I go downstairs to get something from the freezer for dinner.

We're working on training the kids to turn off lights when they leave a room.  For the most part they are successful - I see the light on and remind them to turn it off.   But the basement is out of sight, out of mind.  For some reason, the kids remember to turn the basement lights off, but not the bathroom one.  So DH is putting a timer on it, so if they forget to turn it off, at least it won't be on for more than 1/2 hr.  There are a couple of non-essential lights that will also get timers, so again, they aren't left on for hours if I don't notice.

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