Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thank you!

A big thank you to all my readers, both silent and active.  I couldn't have continued this without your support!  I will still continue to blog about my family's eco-changes.  Stayed tuned for another year of green challenges!  :) 

On that note, I have a favour to ask my readers.  I am looking for suggestions of eco-friendly things to try, that are a) something you have tried yourself, but haven't seen me blog about yet and b) are not on Vanessa's list.   Thank you in advance for all of your ideas - I can't wait to try them out!


  1. I don't remember reading about Buy Nothing Day/ Christmas
    Wouldn't that be a good way of continuing your challenge? It might a little hard on the kids, but it'll teach them to become conscientious consummers

  2. People use a lot of "invisible" resources -- for example, heating our home is something we pay attention to, but all those air leaks are invisible. I'd recommend a professional energy audit of your home, and then a measured follow-up on the recommendations. When I did that in my home, some recommendations were so expensive I decided I just couldn't afford them (e.g., close the attic bedroom and turn it into dead space). But many were of the "caulk this little hole" variety.

  3. Thank you everyone! I'll investigate your suggestions, and hope to blog about them later in the year.

  4. Hi. I recently discovered your Blog and haven't read it all yet, but perhaps you can check out my eco blog!? There might be some ideas there for you to share.
    Perhaps we can link each other's blogs?

  5. Hi Debb THanks for finding me - I'd love to link.