Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recycle my running shoes (Change 130)

Spring and Fall cleaning doesn't happen very often around my house.  Truthfully, I have a hard enough time keeping up with the regular daily cleaning, let alone the thorough cleaning that should probably be done at least once a year.

However, every spring an fall, I faithfully pull out my kids clothes, have them try on those that I think will fit for the coming season, and give-away those that won't.  I've always had a problem with shoes, though. 

Shoes that are in decent shape, I've passed on.  Those that are worse for wear, I throw out.  But I've always felt guilty about it.  Adding to the landfill, just because my kids have worn through a perfectly good pair of shoes just doesn't feel right.  Now I can finally do something about it.

Enter Nike's Re-use A  Shoe Program.  (  They take running shoes that are past their prime, grind them down and create athletic surfaces for organizations around the world.  Check out this link here in Ottawa!

The only problem with this program is that there isn't a drop off location in Eastern Canada.  I have to go to the US, or ship the shoes to Tennessee.   Those of you living in Vancouver have a drop off location - lucky you!

My parents are making a trip to New England next month, so I'm going to ask them to take my bag of old shoes with them, and drop them off at a retail location. 

It's inconvenient at best, but I like this idea better than sending my shoes to the landfill.   If enough of us Canucks write to Nike/Converse, maybe they will think about putting a location in the Eastern Canada area.  For now, I'm packing shoes and keeping my fingers crossed that my parents will help out.


  1. may be what you're looking for! Local org sending used running shoes overseas.

  2. Thanks Anonymous! I'll check it out.