Friday, April 15, 2011

Use eco- and body-friendly blush (Change 115)

I went out and bought a new cosmetics product this week.  I was getting ready for a meeting, putting on make-up for the first time in about two weeks, and dropped my package of blusher on the bathroom floor.  Ugh.  That was a bit of a mess.  Cracked the cosmetic into about 4 large pieces and several smaller ones, and lots of dust all over the floor.  It also cracked the lid in half and broke off the hinge part that keeps the lid on.  Into the garbage it went.

I purchased a replacement product - made from organic ingredients, free of "harsh chemicals, parabens, and synthetic preservatives".   The container is actually pressed paper (instead of plastic), which is recyclable.  It also passes the Skin Deep test, scoring a 3 on the scale.

I guess beauty doesn't have to come at a horrible environmental price.


  1. I'm curious what brand it was...I hardly ever use cosmetics, but am looking for something that doesn't come in plastic for those times when I do... did it cost an awful lot?

  2. Melissa - the brand I purchased is Physician's Formula Organic Wear. It was very expensive - about $25 Cdn for the blush.

  3. Thanks for that information. And, yes, that's expensive!!! But, I'll take a look. Given how little I use, maybe I can justify it. I guess I should have also asked where you bought it.

    I'm still looking for a good bar shampoo so I can avoid the plastic bottles. I've tried a couple. One was no good at all. The one I have now isn't so bad but I have to alternate with a liquid one that comes in a recycled plastic bottle because after several washes my hair really starts to feel like straw. But I'm still hoping to find a good bar shampoo.

  4. I bought the blush at Shoppers Drug Mart.