Monday, April 11, 2011

Purchase as many "dye-free" food items as possible (Change 114)

In conjunction with my change to make more things from scratch, I am also resolving to purchase foods that do not contain artificial colours. 

We've noticed over the last year that our kids seem to really react to highly processed foods, especially those containing high concentrations of sugar, dye/colour, flavour and chocolate.   This was really brought home last week when my doctor suggested that we start eliminating artificial colour from our diet, due to recent studies that investigate whether or not food dye causes or accelerates hyperactivity in children.

Some of you may have followed the debate in news about the FDA investigating the evidence. (;  Unfortunately, the FDA found that there was not enough research to warrant labels on products, but stated that further study was needed.

However, we are going ahead with an elimination diet.  It will be a slow process, as we remove coloured cereal, crackers, breads, baking supplies and processed fruits from our diet.  I hope it means that my children will be healthier and happier, and that DH and I are less stressed about our active children.


  1. good thinking. I need to be more conscious of these types of additives myself. thanks!

  2. You're welcome. Once you start looking, it's astonishing how many products contact artificial colour.

  3. I stumbled across your blog while looking for other parents making the choice to feed their children dye-free foods. My son can't eat them, but the rest of us are dye free by choice! I just started a blog about it as we're learning the ins and outs of eating better!

  4. Alison - it's an ongoing challenge, but we've noticed a difference. Especailly now that Hallowe'en has come and gone, and they are in the midst of chowing down on Doritos and Smarties! :) Look forward to following your blog. Good luck to you and your family!