Friday, December 10, 2010

Month 3 & 4 update

Time flies when you're busy.  I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner.  We've been making slow but steady progress to further "greening" our lives.  We've also had a few set-backs, to be expected when you are trying to encourage activities or habits that require effort!  :)

Showering in the dark is becoming more showing in dim light.  I'm getting up before dawn most days, and I need to be able to see something so I don't continue to whack my shin on open drawers or shower doors.  I will often put my closet or hall light on - this lights the bathroom enough to see, without using the landing strip lights that are above our sinks. 

It's really been easy to adjust to the navy showers, less than boiling hot water for showers, no hair dryer, natural deodorant and other assorted small changes.  It's the big ones that keep stumping me.  Like hanging my linens to dry.  Remembering to take my re-usable produce bags to the store.  Not eating chocolate unless it's fair-trade and/or organic.

I can't seem to remember to bring my own containers to restaurants, so am often requesting aluminum foil doggy bags - very messy at times.  I've had to bite the bullet and bring home plastic/Styrofoam containers.  My only consolation there is that I re-use the plastic containers for craft projects with the kids and at DD2's nursery school, so they aren't going directly into the landfill when they get home.

Small compost bags for Kleenex, etc., in every room has been an interesting experiment, but I am going to abandon it shortly.  It is hard to remember to "sort" the garbage in this manner.  I've tried putting the bags beside the pails, but everyone (including me some days) uses the pails instead of the bag.   Sigh.  Guess I'll invest in some latex gloves to sort stuff.

The other thing I'm finding hard to do is make a change every day.  I had such enthusiasm back in the summer when life was all about taking time off from our regular routine.  But now that school and activities are in full swing, I can barely manage to make sure my kids are dressed, fed and sent to school with the appropriate lunch/homework/shoes/whatever, not to mention the myriad other things that come with life.  So I am going to relax my standards a bit, and still make my 366 changes, but not try to do them every day.  I'm not able to post everyday (as you've probably noticed), so I am going to stop stressing about trying to make changes every day.  I will get as many done in a week as I can, and work my way down the list. 

This project will take a little longer now, but it's one less stress for me this way, and that means fewer meds, less caffeine and more sleep.  Sounds like a good eco-change to me!


  1. completely agree...less stress works! I do have to say though, that your idea of the compost bin in the bathroom is working for us. BUT we don't have kids in the house anymore. thx for when you do post. always enjoy visiting here.

  2. Chin up EcoMama! A change every now and then is better than no change at all.
    For more encouragement, just think about our current government: they don't want to change anything about our country's environmental policies unless the whole world follows suit. At this rate, nothing will ever get done, and the climate will go to pot.
    Your every little efforts should put Mr Baird to shame. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you dmarie and djp. Your comments boosted my spirits immensely. It's nice to know that there are people out there who support my efforts. I'll just keep chugging away little by little. Thanks for checking in with me on a regular basis! :)