Sunday, December 5, 2010

Be powerWISE (Day 93)

As part of the theme of saving energy, I decided to calculate exactly how much energy my house was using.  I know I have my hydro bills to tell me, but I don't get the individual breakdown of each appliance.  I visited the powerWISE website ( to find out.

That was an eye opener.  Did you know that the average toaster uses 1150 watts of hydro per hour?  Or that an electric kettle uses 1500 watts? The average water heater is 3800 watts.

This tool allows me to figure out which appliances are costing me the most money and energy usage, so I can manage my electricity consumption better.  I've targeted a few areas for improvement, and I am anxious to see if my lower consumption goals are reasonable.


  1. oooh, can't wait to see how my favorite appliances rate. thanks so much for this link!

  2. You're welcome. Unfortunately, it doesn't represent any enerGuide appliances, so the results for your house may be different. I just went with the stats posted there, instead of trying to remember how much my energy-efficient appliances used.

  3. still good to learn what energy hogs some appliances are. Since visiting the site you suggested, I have air-dried my hair (blow-drying only to finish), used the microwave instead of the cooktop & even roasted sweet potatoes in our wood-burning stove instead of turning on the oven. Thanks for raising my energy-consciousness!!

  4. EcoMama I just found your blog! I love what you are doing, I just read Sleeping Naked and that brought me here. I am doing similar things with my family. I will definately check our your list for ideas we can apply at our house. Thanks!

  5. Thanks SherryGreens! It's a fun project and interesting to see how much change can still be made, even though you think you are a "green" family.

    Dmarie - You're welcome! :)