Monday, March 14, 2011

Invest in stainless steel frying pans (Change 109)

I love to cook, as well as bake.  Most of the meals we eat are home made, made with love, sweat and tears.  Most are a success - they pass the "three picky eaters" test.  Integral to passing this test is my frying pan.

I use it to saute and steam veggies, fry meat, cook sauces; I don't think I could live without it.  In fact, I use my frying pan so often, that I buy a new one every couple of years, because the non-stick coating wears off from so much use.

This time I vowed to choose a better option for my family.  I've been reading a lot about non-stick coatings and how harmful they are to our bodies, if ingested.  I know that we've probably ingested some in our lifetimes, simply from over use. 

This year, I spent a little bit of extra money and purchased two stainless steel frying pans.  I was a little leery of using them - I wasn't sure about the quality of cooking with them, how much food would stick to the surfaces, how easy they would be to clean.

But they've been another worthy investment - I love them.  They clean up easily, food burns less quickly and cooks more evenly.  They are recycled and recyclable.  And best of all, I shouldn't have to buy new frying pans for years.  I'm not filling up the landfill, and any potential harmful effects from non-stick coatings evaporate.

Another eco-change that I wish I'd made sooner.


  1. oh, the teflon I've ingested in my time before we knew of the dangers! yikes!

  2. I love my stainless steel pots and pans and even bakeware. :) I grew up with stainless so I knew how to care for it so no big deal.

  3. I know - the Teflon ingestion is a scary thought! Lisa - I didn't know you could buy stainless bake ware. Is it found in a regular dept store?