Monday, January 24, 2011

Use extra long cooling racks (Change 102)

Another eco-friendly Christmas present, this time from DH.  I bake a LOT, because I like to, and because life is easier to deal with DD1's food allergy when I make my own cookies, muffins, etc.  I've always cooled my muffins in the muffin tins and breads on a tiny round cooling rack.  But cookies have ALWAYS been cooled on paper towels - to absorb any butter goodness, and because there was more room on the counter.  I justified using this method since starting my green challenge, because the paper towels were made with unbleached, recycled paper, and I always composted them when I was finished with them.  There is still an environmental cost associated with them, in the form of the manufacturing process itself, but I assured myself that I was at least using the most eco-friendly product possible.

No need to justify any longer.  DH bought me an extendable cooling rack for Christmas.  Made up of three layers that stack neatly when not needed, the cooling rack allows me to cool up to 3 dozen cookies at a time.  Usually by the time I'm ready to cool the 4th dozen, I can store the cooled cookies in a container, and start over again with the next 3 dozen.

No more paper towels, and no more need to compost them.  Since this process was my main consumption of paper towels, it will be interesting to see how many paper towels I use in the future.


  1. Are you still able to buy unbleached paper towels? Cascade had discontinued them in Quebec, and I am at a loss as to what I should do. It's not life threatening or anything, I know: Cascades' white paper is bleached without chlorine, and I only use one roll of paper a year... But I really liked the brown paper, and it peeves me to think that brown paper was discontinued just because people who buy unbleached paper only buy one packet a year, and aren't economically interesting...

  2. Way to go, Eco Mama! I have been using cookie racks for years and not for environmental reasons. It is just less messy! (OK- I confess- that's how my mom did mother, like daughter) Now that I, myself, am looking to make more home-made stuff (to lessen my darn packaging impact...argh!) I may even get some more racks...anyway, keep up the great work AND this awesome blog. I have your blog bookmarked on my "favorites" bar and read several times a week!

  3. love my cooling racks...the only thing I don't love about 'em is they won't fit into the dishwasher. ;)

  4. Thanks, ladies, for your comments. Dahlia - I am able to still purchase unbleached Casade paper towels at Costco here in Ottawa - did you want me to ship you some? :)

    Deb - thanks for liking my awesome blog. I like yours, too. I just never think to comment on it. Sorry! :)

    Dmarie - mine fits in the dishwasher when it is stacked, but I'm not sure how clean it gets. I'd rather just wash it by hand, and know that at least it's clean.

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