Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eco-Friendly Disney - Part 2

Renting a home while we were in Orlando was the most logical thing to do, from a convenience, monetary and personal standpoint.  To try and get hotel rooms for 9 people, plus meals, plus transportation (even if those were included in a package) was far more expensive than the house option.  As well, with DD1's food allergy and my current food challenges, it also made eating more enjoyable for everyone.

The drawback of renting a house is that it doesn't come with a lot of the of built-in environmentally-friendly things we're used to at home in Canada.  For instance - recycling.  Yes, Orlando does recycle.  You can find garbage/recycling bins at all major malls, fast food restaurants, etc.

However, we were renting in a gated community.  The gated community does not provide recycling services to its residents.  If we wanted to recycle, we had to package up our goods, and search the city for someone who already had their bins out for pick-up.   We were on vacation, so traipsing around the city to look for someone's garbage day was not going to happen.  We did not recycle for the ENTIRE week.

It was so weird.  I felt horribly guilty about throwing out perfectly good and recyclable glass bottles, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard and cans.  At the end of the week, we had two large garbage bins FULL to the brim with garbage, of which, at least half was recyclables.

Then there was the type of garbage we threw out.  I'll detail that in my next post.


  1. Communities should concentrate more on implementing Environment friendly moves, which helps its members & saves our planet.

  2. I share your frustration when I travel to certain places. Especially when it is a place that people travel to for it's natural beauty (Hawaii for example and many other parts of Florida) and there's a garbage dump in the middle of it!
    (I hear rumor that the landfill on Maui is frightening)

  3. ah yes, i have also felt this way when visiting other provinces that don't require recycling- SO weird to throw food in the garbage, it just feels wrong! :)

    PS- congratulations on shortlisting the Canadian WeBlog Awards for 2011!!!! :)

  4. It would be nice if everyone could emulate PEI's waste diversion record. They have a waste diversion rate of over 60%, one of the highest in Canada. You can find more information at the following links: and

    It just proves we, as a society, still have a way to go.....