Friday, October 21, 2011

No more make-up (Change 133)

I had the best intentions of switching all of my cosmetic products to eco-friendly solutions.  Really, I did.  A few, I've managed to change.  But the rest are sitting in my bathroom drawer, waiting for me to use them up, so I can make the switch. 

It struck me this week, that even if I keep up this challenge for the next 5 years, I will never be able to completely make the switch.  The reason?  I don't wear makeup.  As a stay-at-home mom, I can't be bothered putting on my "war paint" just to hang out around the house.  I don't wear it when I go out to the grocery store or the drug store, either.  Lately, I've been putting it on to go to work, but a couple of times I forgot, and the world didn't come to an end.    I've also realized that I've gone out socially a few times, and haven't been wearing make-up then, either.  No one has said anything.

That got me thinking about why women wear make-up.  It is really to enhance their beauty, because they want to look beautiful, or is it because societal expectations are such that women are expected to wear make-up from the minute they wake up, until they go to bed at night?  Deep questions to ponder, and a discussion that is really to big to take in single blog post.  However, for those who are interested in persuing this discussion, I would be happy to take it off-line.   I also recommend reading Naomi Wolf's  The Beauty Myth.  A real eye-opener into a billion dollar industry.

So back to me and my thoughts on make-up.  95% of the time I don't wear it, don't feel like I need to wear it, and everyone who is important to me comments that I don't need to wear it - my beauty is natural.  I think I'll save it for really special occaisions - when I want to up and look extra pretty - family photo sessions, my brother's wedding, special outings with DH.  The rest of the time, I'm going with the conscious decision to go au naturel.


  1. Good for you! Because I am a performing musician
    on the weekends and quite blonde and pale, I wear makeup at gigs, otherwise you can't see my face.(see for a made-up Deb Seymour and for a natural Deb Seymour. Both are good!) I also wear a bit when I go out- it makes me feel dressy. But what I have never understood is the need for copious and excessive amounts and this has held true since my twenties. My entire make up collection consists, and nearly all of my adult like has consisted of four items only, just four small sticks: 1 mascara tube, 2 eye complimentary shadow color tubes and 1 tube lipstick. That's it! Takes up a lot of room, eh? And all are purchased at the local natural food co-op and are not animal tested. (Lip stuff is Burt's Bees) So when they say "A little powder and a little paint/Quickly make's you what you ain't"- I nod yes- a little goes a long, long way and I think this approach would work for most women if they thought it through. Lastly, like you say, beauty does come from within, and also comes from maintaining *healthy eating* and *exercise habits", for which NO makeup is a substitute.

  2. P.S. Pardon the typos in the above post- feel free to correct them...I got to typing too quickly, as usual!

  3. Great job! I am 20 years old, and I don't get makeup! I wear a little bit, but I am gradually phasing it out. Hope to reach your level soon!

    I actually get to interview Vanessa Farquharson for this huge project/contest I am in (check out my blog for more details about that if you so desire). I was wondering if there were any questions you would like to have me ask her? Let me know ASAP!

  4. Sarah and Deb, Thanks for your comments and support. Sarah - how did the interview go?

  5. Hi Eco Mama! I know you are a busy woman, but you've been missed! Maybe post a simple "hello", even if you have no changes? Hope all is well!
    You fan, Deb Seymour

  6. Hi Deb - I hadn't realized it's been so long since I wrote. Promise that I haven't disappeared - just very busy. Will try to keep in touch more regularly. :) Thanks for thinking of me, and missing me!