Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cutting down on canned bevereges (Change 126)

This is an easy change for me - I rarely drink canned bevvies, so giving them up should be a snap for me.  It's DH and the kids that I'm a little worried about. 

The kids don't drink soda pop as a rule, but I do keep ginger ale and Coke on hand for upset tummies or special treats.  I also have club soda which I mix with juice to make our own "pop".   DH likes his G&Ts, so I don't think I will get him to give up tonic water.

Due to DD1's ongoing medical issues, we are eliminating artificial colours, etc. from our diets.  So I have decided that once this current pack of soda is gone, I won't be buying any more.   I will relegate club soda "pop" to a treat served at my parents' house.

I found an interesting fact on aluminum recycling (  Although we recycle our pop cans, the initial environmental cost of producing the cans is quite high.  Not purchasing them in the first place is a good idea.

Another good idea to reduce our carbon footprint.


  1. I think beverages are way harder than food to do local and organic. Your "no aluminum cans" resolution gets at that well, I think.

    Where I live in Pennsylvania, the only locally produced drinks I've found (aside from milk and water) is apple cider, and the local version is only available 9 months of the year. I'd love to hear more ideas of what people give their kids to drink.

  2. Miser Mom - we usually drink milk or water. The kids get a small glass of juice (usually apple) in the morning with breakfast, then it's milk or water for the rest of the day. We just picked up some local cider this weekend at the farmer's market - can't wait to try it!