Monday, February 7, 2011

Buy all natural eyeshadow (Change 104)

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I don't wear a lot of cosmetics on a day-to-day basis.  I'm usually "au naturel" when at home with the kids, or out and about running errands.  However, I do succumb to vanity when I go to work, or have an appointment (doctor, dentist, etc), and put on some eyeliner, blush and a little bit of lip colour.

I've been using the same products for years, but resolved to improve my eco-friendliness in cosmetics after starting this blog last July.  Unfortunately, because I don't use a lot of cosmetics, the ones I have last a long time.  For the price I paid for them, I'm not about to throw them out and go buy new ones.  I decided to replace my cosmetics as I use them up.

The opportunity for eyeliner came a couple of weeks ago.  I use a dark eyeshadow with a lid liner brush as my eyeliner.  I contracted pink-eye from somewhere, and unknowingly had used my brush and eyeshadow while I had it.  When I re-infected myself, I realized what I had done and threw out the eyeshadow.  (I washed and disinfected the brush). 

I used this opportunity to buy myself an all-natural eyeshadow.  It is made with pure botanicals and passes the Skin Deep test.  I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but after reading online reviews about the product, I think I will be satisfied with its application.  I'll let you know if my opinion changes after I use it.


  1. Good call on using up what you have instead of tossing them in order to buy greener products. There's not much that's green about tossing unused things to buy new ones. :)

    I weaned myself off of makeup about four years ago as a part of my desire to own fewer things, spend less money, and have more time for things that make me feel more alive (I cannot even fathom how much time I have spent putting on make up in my life).

    But recently my friends and I dumpster dived some make up (don't know if you've ever been dumpster diving, but I promise it isn't as gnarly as it sounds, and all these products were packed up in plastic and hadn't touched any actual trash) and I tried out eyeliner again. Now when I do put some make up on, I feel like I enjoy it more than I used to as it's no longer something I feel sort of forced to do, like "oh no, can't leave the house without my face on." Now I'm finally used to myself as I look au natural, and the make up has become like a fun costumey thing. Anyway, ramble, ramble, like the blog.

  2. Click clack gorilla - glad you like the blog. It's always nice to hear positive feedback! As for the make-up, as mentioned, I don't wear a lot, so DH and I always joke that I'm putting on "battle gear" when I do use it. :)